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Content & Community Guidelines

What is and isn’t allowed on Tapas

And the reasons behind it

With a community as diverse and global as the one on Tapas and thousands of uploads every day, our Content & Community Guidelines have been implemented to ensure the safety of our readers and creators, as well as enabling future opportunities. As a creator you want to tell the story you’ve always wanted to share, in the way you envisioned it. Sometimes it can feel like your goals are at odds with our guidelines, which is why we want to provide you with additional information on why our rules are the way they are, how they’re enforced and what they accomplish.

What is not allowed on Tapas?

Our content guidelines are pretty straightforward, not allowing excessive violence and gore, hateful content or copyrighted work, among other issues. Within comics, we also do not allow nudity of any kind and mature/sexual content.


If you’re unsure if your content is against our guidelines, we recommend you err on the side of caution. We generally recommend publishing more mature scenes on personal sites or platforms that allow such content behind a paywall.

Why are the guidelines necessary?

We are subject to following rules set by app stores and partners. That means we are unable to promote and host independent series containing mature content - and just like you, we also have to err on the side of caution. If you’re interested in participating in marketing events, being featured, or publishing opportunities, your whole series has to follow our guidelines.


Promoting or showcasing free content that breaks our guidelines can lead to Tapas being removed from app stores or losing existing partnerships and future opportunities. Given we are looking to make creating webcomics and webnovels a viable career option for creators, you may understand why we are doing all we can to set the creator community up for success.

What about novels?

Overall, novels have it a little easier than comics. Novels' main focus can not solely revolve around sexual gratifying content and needs to have a plot. Any artwork you post along with your novel, within episodes or on covers and banners, needs to follow the same rules as comics and can’t contain any nudity or mature imagery.

Can guidelines change?

Absolutely - as we heavily align to the guidelines of app stores and our interpretation of them, we may adjust our own enforcement of those rules to accommodate the latest information available to us. Because of that, we ask for your patience and understanding should our team reach out to you with evolving requirements over the years.

Enforcing our Guidelines

At this point in time, we are contacting every creator individually to notify them via PM on Tapas of any violations present and guide them through making the required changes. Because of the volume of uploads it is not possible to reach out to everyone right away, but ultimately all rules are enforced equally and with no bias. 


Should you receive a notification from our team, please make all edits and reply back to the PM, or message us via email at


We ask that you treat all our employees with respect, even if you personally disagree with the guidelines on our site.

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