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Art by: Koolaidgirl


Storytelling platform Tapas and drawing app Clip Studio Paint are joining forces to bring to you the Global Comic Awards! With this short story contest, you have the opportunity to showcase your storytelling talents, win great prizes, and potentially catch the eye of international webcomic and manga publishers!


CONTEST PERIOD: April 15 to June 30, 2024


Create a short comic with the theme “The Last Train” and post it to Tapas! The story should be between 15 - 75 panels, and told within 1 - 5 episodes. To enter your story, simply add the tag “GlobalComicAwards2024_LastTrain” to the series’ tags (See instructions in the FAQ section). 

  • Theme: The Last Train

  • Series type: Comic

  • Format: Submissions must be in scrolling format

  • Submission Length: 15 to 75 panels, broken up in a maximum of 5 episodes

  • Age restriction: All-Ages

  • Language: English

  • Number of submissions: You may post more than one entry. However, you cannot post the same entry more than once

  • Submissions should not be posted on other platforms during the contest and judging period

  • Series Tag: GlobalComicAwards2024_LastTrain



1 Grand Prize Winner
$3,300 USD

Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

2nd and 3rd Prize Winners

$1,000 USD / Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

Excellence Award
(10 winners)

$120 USD / One year of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device


Thanks to the cooperation of major publishers, outstanding creators may be approached by editors and have a chance to make their debut!



How do I add an entry to the contest?

Simply add a new comic series to Tapas on your dashboard: Click here

When setting up your series, add “GlobalComicAwards2024_LastTrain” to the Tag section. You do not need to add a hashtag or ‘#’ before these words. You can add or remove this tag anytime, simply edit your series page and locate the Tag section! Hit Enter to add the tag to your series.

General Panel questions

There are countless ways to arrange unique panels. You can

  • use white spaces, gradients or transition panels to indicate the passage of time

  • repeat existing artwork in multiple panels

  • have artwork that doesn't have clearly defined edges.

These options may leave you feeling uncertain if the art in question counts as a panel or not. Generally, we consider individual illustrations as one panel, even if there aren't clearly defined borders or if art is repeated.

If you're still unsure or concerned that your unique layout will push you over the 75 panel limit, don't fret! We won't let you miss out on a potential win due to how your panels are counted, and will contact you if we see an issue that could easily be resolved before the end of the event. 

Please take a look at some of our beautiful premium series as an inspiration. 

Can we enter as a team?

Absolutely, friends who want to enter together (like a writer/artist team) are welcome to do so. Please decide ahead of time how to split up potential prizes, as we may send cash winnings to only one Paypal/Bank account, and only one CSP code is available per winning entry. 

Can I use an already existing series for this event?

If you have a series that fits the theme and submission length, you can submit it to the contest. Please note that we are looking for short stories, that means the story should be concluded within 75 panels, so the series should not be ongoing.


Can I post my submissions on other platforms?
During the contest and judging period, your submission should not be available on other platforms, and should be exclusively posted on Tapas. Once judging is concluded and winners are announced, you are free to post it wherever you like!


Can I submit more than one entry?

You may post more than one entry. However, you cannot post the same entry more than once. Entries must be submitted in their own individual series to be considered.


Can I submit a novel instead of a comic?

This contest is for comic creators only. Please keep an eye out for future novel focused events!


Can I submit a comic in a page format?
No, all submissions must be published in a scrolling format to be considered.


Do I have to be in the US to participate?
No, you can be anywhere as long as your local law does not prohibit participating in this type of event. You will need a bank account or PayPal account to receive the winnings. 


When and how will you announce the winners?
Winners will be announced on July 22nd, 2024. We will contact the winners via the email address connected to their Tapas account. Prizes will be given out by the Clip Studio Paint team.


How do you select the winners and will the number of subscribers/views/likes have an influence on who wins?

The winners are chosen by a panel of judges made up of Tapas staff members. As we want all entries to have an equal chance of winning, no matter if they were posted at the beginning or the end of the contest period, the number of subscribers, views or likes on the submission will not be considered. Instead, we are looking for the quality of artwork and storytelling.

What should I know about the Supporting Publishers?

The Global Comic Awards are meant to bring your work in front of trusted partners and publishers, for a chance of future opportunities for you! Should any publishers be interested in your work, they will contact the Tapas and Celsys teams first. We will then inform you about the potential offer. Should you not be interested, you can reject the offers anytime.

We may translate your work internally to make it accessible to publishers in other languages, but your work won't be used elsewhere without your knowledge and approval.



Do you want to participate in the contest but have no art program to do so? Clip Studio Paint is providing 3-month Clip Studio Paint EX codes!

Fill out our survey to receive your code. Please note that it may take a few business days until you will receive it. (Deadline: May 31, 2024, 11:59 PM PDT. One code per person)

Clip Studio Paint is the artist’s app for drawing and painting, designed with artists in

mind. Take your art journey to the next level with 3D features, comic tools and much

more on your tablet, computer or even smartphone. Join 35 million creators and tell

your story exactly as you imagine.




Tapas is the premier digital storytelling platform for content lovers to create, discover, and connect with global stories and creators. Be one of the first 100 NEW users to join the Tapas App using the Friend Code COMM285A and receive 12,000 Bonus Ink, which you can use to unlock and read our amazing webcomics and novels!


(*Available to the first 100 NEW accounts participating only. No purchase required. Please note that it may take a few business days until you receive your promotional Ink. The Bonus Ink will be sent via inbox message in your Tapas app and will expire after 14 days.)

Learn how to use Friend codes | Questions? Contact us at!




The Tapas & Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards, officially hosted by CELSYS, Inc. and Tapas Entertainment Inc., is a webcomic contest co-organized by both companies. 


By submitting works to this contest, participants are deemed to have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions of the entry guidelines. Please ensure you read these guidelines thoroughly before participating in this contest.


Theme: The Last Train



The specifications for the webcomics are as follows:

  • Panel Count: 15 - 75

  • Episode Count: 1 - 5

  • Language: English

  • File format: Must be compatible with Tapas submission formats (JPG, GIF, PNG)

  • Series Tag: GlobalComicAwards2024_LastTrain


Submission Guidelines

Write a webcomic in accordance with the format of the Contest, tag it with the entry tag with “GlobalComicAwards2024_LastTrain”, then post the work to Tapas within the time frame of the Contest.

  • Format: Submissions must be in a scrolling format

  • Content: Original works only

  • Number of submissions: You may post more than one entry. However, you cannot post the same entry more than once

  • Age restriction: All-Ages

  • All content must follow Tapas’ Content & Community guidelines.

Contest Period

From April 15 to June 30, 2024, 11:59 PM PDT


  • Contestants may submit as many works as they like, but each submission must be posted in its own series.

  • Please note that works currently under consideration or previously submitted to other contests, initiatives, or manga awards, as well as those intended for future commercial release, are not eligible for this contest, regardless of whether they win an award or not. Participants are requested to refrain from entering their submissions into other contests or from commercializing them during the period extending from the submission phase to the announcement of results.

  • Contestants are required to refrain from deleting their submissions until the announcement of the contest results. Additionally, awarded works must not be deleted even after the announcement of the results.

  • Please note that submissions for this Contest are limited to works that are original, have not been previously published in commercial magazines, and are under the copyright of the contestant. However, the following actions do not count as “publication”:


  1. Works displayed on websites or blogs that are personally managed and operated by the contestant.

  2. Works published on non-commercial webcomic submission platforms (including Tapas) where the contestant can modify or remove their own submissions.

  3. Works that have been self-published by the participant in non-commercial, independently produced printed doujinshi.


Offers from Partner Companies

  • During the contest period, participants may receive offers from Partner Companies for potential serialization in their media. Participants are expected to give priority to these offers over others from non-Partner Companies, especially from the submission period until the announcement of the contest results.

  • Tapas or Celsys may contact you in order to facilitate potential partnerships between you and other partner companies. 

  • You are not required to accept such partnerships. Should you not be interested in being connected with our Partner Companies, simply let us know when we contact you.


Winners & Prizes

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner
    $3,300 USD / Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

  • 2nd and 3rd place Winners
    $1,000 USD / Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

  • Excellence Award (10 winners)
    $120 USD / One Year of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device



  • Tapas x Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards 2024

  • CELSYS, Inc.: Co-organizer of the Contest.

  • Tapas Entertainment: Co-organizer of the Contest.

  • Partner Companies: Publishers, streaming services, and production companies that support the Contest and have been approved by CELSYS, Inc. and Tapas Entertainment to offer opportunities for outstanding submissions to be featured in their media.

  • Tapas: A service operated by Tapas Entertainment, available at

  • The Contest: Tapas x Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards 2024.

  • Application Guidelines: The Global Comic Awards 2024 application guidelines.

  • Terms of Service: Tapas Entertainment's terms of service.

  • Participants, contestants: the creators participating in the Contest.

  • Submitted works, submissions: Works submitted in the Contest.


Eligible Participants

This Contest is open to all registered Tapas users who have read and agreed to these Terms of Service.

* Underage contestants should obtain the consent of a guardian before entering.


Selection Process and Announcement of Results

  • Entries will go through a rigorous judging process before winners are decided.

  • The results will be announced on the Tapas & Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards special website, Clip Studio Paint-related websites, Tapas, and other websites related to this project.

  • Award-winning works, including the work itself and the Tapas username of the creator, may be featured on Tapas and Clip Studio Paint’s official X (formerly Twitter), Facebook pages, and other official Tapas d Clip Studio Paint’s social media accounts, as well as on the Tapas & Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards special website and other related media.

  • Contestants will not be individually contacted about the selection results.

Eligible works

Works that do not meet the following requirements will not be eligible. These requirements will include but not be limited to the work's title, description, tags, and the creator's nickname. The ineligibility of submitted work will be determined by Tapas. Submitted works may be disqualified for any of these reasons. Additionally, if it is discovered that a winning work should have been disqualified for any of the following reasons, the prize. will no longer be given out and actions will be taken to retrieve prizes already given out.


(1) Works that do not meet the participation requirements

(The following is a limited set of examples)

  • The work was determined by Tapas Entertainment or CELSYS, Inc. to not be related to the theme.

  • The work didn't have its contest tags set.

  • The work falls under the viewing restrictions of R-18 or R-18G.

  • The work was posted or edited after the posting deadline (including edits for typos, editing the caption, etc.)


(2) Works that do not meet Tapas’ Content & Community Guidelines and TOS.

  • The work may infringe upon the intellectual property rights, (as defined in the Tapas’ Content Guidelines), or any other rights of Tapas Entertainment, CELSYS, Inc., or a third party.

  • The work contains obscenity, torture, discrimination, and other elements that are potentially offensive.

  • The work may infringe on the property or privacy rights of Tapas Entertainment,  CELSYS, Inc., or a third party.

  • The work slanders, defames, unjustly discriminates against, or promotes the unjust discrimination of, Tapas Entertainment, CELSYS, Inc., or a third party.

  • The work violates public order and morals.

  • The work is determined to fall under any other item in the Tapas’ content guidelines.

(3) Other

  • The same work was posted multiple times

  • The work was created through the request function on Tapas or commissioned in any other way by a third party (Including Request Rewards)

  • The work is intended to be commercialized, or is already commercialized

  • All or most of the production process is carried out by AI

  • The work violates the submission guidelines

  • If Tapas Entertainment or CELSYS, Inc. contacts you, and you do not respond in the time given

  • The work is determined by Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. to not be suitable as a submitted work

Contest Terms

International contestants

There are no restrictions on the applicant's country or region of residence, unless the laws of the country or region prohibit participation in this type of event.


Rights to Submitted Works

The copyright of submitted works remains with the contestant. However, in cases where the contestant and a Partner Company reach a mutual agreement, the contestant shall exclusively grant the company the rights to publish, publicly transmit, and make secondary use of the work (including rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Act). CELSYS, Inc. and Tapas Entertainment will determine the Partner Companies.

  • Winners will not exercise “author’s rights” against CELSYS, Inc. as well as CELSYS, Inc.’s related parties.

  • Contestants, regardless if they win or not, consent in advance to the possibility that their contest submissions, comments on works, and Tapas usernames, in whole or in part, may be translated into other languages by CELSYS, Inc., Tapas Entertainment, or companies entrusted with their business.

  • Contestants, regardless if they win or not, may have their entries, Tapas usernames, and other related items to the contest, posted to Tapas and CELSYS, Inc.’s official X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and other social network accounts, displayed at exhibitions, and other magazines or books. Tapas Entertainment may adapt or slightly edit the work.

Handling of Information

Tapas Entertainment will use the contestant's information solely for the purpose of judging and notifying participating users of their awards.

Personal information collected for the purpose of delivering prizes will be properly deleted as soon as the prize shipment for the Contest is completed. 


In some cases, personal information may be disclosed to CELSYS, Inc. for the delivery of certain prizes. If Partner Companies express the desire to contact participants for publication purposes, Tapas and CELSYS, Inc. will share the participant's personal information (including but not limited to their name, Tapas username, and email address) with the Partner Companies, but only after obtaining the participant's prior consent. Participants are expected to respond promptly to communications from these companies and must agree to a consent form in cases of award reception and when contact is desired by Partner Companies.



  • Contestants assume responsibility for their own submissions.

  • Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. will not be responsible for any disputes that may happen between the contestants and any third party, regardless of the reason.

  • Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Contest in case Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. deem it necessary for any reason, including system maintenance.

  • Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. will not be liable for any damages incurred by the contestants, including but not limited to Contest interruption, suspension, or cancellation.

  • Determined by the true terms and conditions including the disclaimers, Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. will be not responsible for any direct damages caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence caused during the Contest period, regardless of immunity.

  • Tapas Entertainment and CELSYS, Inc. will not be held liable for any financial costs brought about due to a contestant's entry in this contest.

Contest Related Inquiries

  • If you have any questions or feedback about the contest, feel free to contact us here.

  • Please include your e-mail address, nickname, inquiry, and the subject “About Global Comic Awards 2024”.

  • Replies will not be given to any phone calls regarding support issues.

  • Replies will not be given to any questions regarding the Contest results.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Contest and its terms shall be governed by Japanese law. Furthermore, the Tokyo District Court shall be the mutually-agreed court for any proceedings, with jurisdiction for the preliminary trial in the case of any disputes over contest terms or matters between Tapas Entertainment and the contestants.

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