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Earning Money

Earn revenue with your series using our monetization features!

These features are available to you as you grow your series.


While ads help keep our website running, about 70% of ad revenue goes straight to creators. In order for a creator to activate the Ad-Revenue Program, you must reach a minimum of 100 subscribers on one of your series.


Unlock Ad Revenue directly on your creator dashboard as soon as you reach 100 subscribers!*


Ad Revenue Program

Earn money for ads viewed on your series


Support is a way for your readers to give kudos to you by sending you Ink (our on platform currency). When readers use Ink for Support, 100% goes to you (after any 3rd party fees).


Apply to the Support Program directly on your creator dashboard as soon as you reach 250 subscribers!*


Support Program

Let your fans support you directly


Host your merch

directly on Tapas


With our Tapas Merch Shop, readers can support you by purchasing your very own merch designs at no cost or risk to you! Simply create and upload your designs, set your profit and share them with your readers - we handle the rest. You will keep 100% of your profit.


To be eligible for  your own Tapas Merch shop, you must reach 500 subscribers* with one of your series.

Applications Closed

Check out our Publishing Opportunities to learn more about

our publishing and monetization options for your series!

*You must be 18 years or older to participate in our

Ad Revenue Program, our Support Program or our Merch Shop.

Want more options to earn money? 

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