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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We're here to support creators!

As a creator of novels and comics, you’re putting your heart and soul into your stories and your characters. It can take years to bring your series to paper. Because of that, it is important that you have trust in any team you partner with.


At Tapas, the first team you will likely meet if you’re exploring any of our publishing opportunities, is the Community Team, who is responsible for supporting creators, scouting talent and ensuring you have a great experience on our platform.


Content Acquisition Manager & Artist

Stephanie Cheng

Hiya! I’m Stephanie, you might see me around as Ste but please feel free to call me Steph. Like some others, I was an aspiring manga-ka when I was little haha! I ended up going to art school and was surrounded by incredibly talented artists. From there I found out that what I really loved was encouraging people and shining a light on them! That’s why I’m really happy to be able to support creators on their first steps to chasing their passions here at Tapas. My focus is to support and develop relationships with creators so that we can find the best fit for them on their journey!


Early Access Manager & Creator

Tami Babikian

Olá everyone! My name is Tamiris, an Armenian name given to me by my Brazilian parents, that roughly translates to Fruit-Rainbow. It's a perfectly fitting name for the life I've lived so far, but you may call me Tami. I’ve been a creator my whole life but my dream has always been to work with creators and help them find spaces where they can grow and make a living out of their hard work. My job at Tapas has given me that opportunity through running the Early Access program. Now, not only am I accomplishing my own dreams, I’m helping others achieve theirs too!


Content Accessibility Associate & Creator

Payton Francis

Hello there! I’m Payton F, a graphic novelist and illustrator! I grew up in the midwest USA with the big dream of someday working in comics for a living and now I get to help others take that first step too! I’ve had webcomics published on Tapas since 2017, and plan to publish even more. I have many stories to tell and am so excited to be able to help others tell their own too! Creators on the Creator Bonus Program have access to me to talk about their goals, help develop their audience, and pitch new ideas to the rest of the team for other programs!


Content Acquisition Coordinator & Art Aficionado

Nat Kent

Hi y’all! I’m Natalie but you can call Nat. I went to college and majored in English with a concentration in creative writing. I focused on writing for film and TV. Storytelling has been a passion of mine since I was just a kid telling scary stories around a campfire. Since joining Tapas I’ve been able to support creative people who tell unique and diverse stories. The Tapas community is not only aspiring but inspiring, with new stories and ideas being shared everyday. My focus is supporting creators and helping their series reach as many story lovers as possible!


EContent Moderation Manager & The Voice of Reason

Carlos Monterrey

Hi, I'm Carlos! If you've ever been in contact with the moderation team, chances are I'm intimately acquainted with your series! The tapas community is one of the most passionate, and talented communities I've ever been a part of. Though I'm not a creator myself, I have a great passion for art, comics, and storytelling! I studied communications and film, and I've made my fair share of short films, so I know the painstaking labor that goes into making ANY piece of art. I will always do my best to put the community first, and treat every creator with respect. By fostering a happy, active, and safe community we can all reach our full potential!


Director of Community & Creator

Isabell Castro

I’m Isabell, also known as Ratique, and I first started posting my comic on Tapas in 2014 after being a manga nerd since my early teens. Being part of the creator community and using Tapas as a hosting platform for many years gave me great insight into what us creators need in order to grow as storytellers. Now being a team member at Tapas, I’m extremely proud to help creators fulfill their goals, which has always been a dream of mine. My focus is on developing new opportunities & tools for creators, and being a voice for our community’s needs and wants within Tapas Media.

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