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Getting Started on Tapas

New Cover Guidelines

2024 Web and App Update

With our most recent update, we're happy to share our guidelines for comic covers, so you can make the most of our current app and web design.

Please note that the changes only affect comics, as novels continue to use their full novel cover.



Make sure the "Guides" folder is turned on.

We recommend your Logo to be placed in the "Logo Area", or the bottom third of your cover. With this placement, your logo will stay visible on your series' page, while conveniently being covered in our feature spaces, where your series' title will appear automatically.

The focus of your artwork should stay within the "Safe Area".

Artwork or Logos in the "Buffer Area" will be covered by our UI.

Turn on the "Feature Space Preview" Layer to get an idea what your series will look like on our site.




Sample Art with Guides


Sample Art with Feature Space Preview

Make sure the "Guides" folder is turned on.

We recommend that you keep all your main artwork and logo in the "Live Area".



Want to learn more?

Check out our other tutorials for new creators!

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